Mens Fashion Is Political Too! Here’s How.

Most people think that men don’t really care about what they wear or how their outfits look, but this is actually false. For centuries mens fashion has coincided with politics and social changes. There is even an exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences looks at mens fashion over the course of 300 years.

Back 300 years ago, men always wore suits. They were worn at formal events and at work, or even just to show their status. Suits came with knee breeches and a waistcoat of silk or stain if you were well off. ‘Macaronis’ in the 18th century were a group of rich men who broke social norms when speaking and dressing. They were short suits in outrageously bright, clashing colors. They did this mostly to tick off the conservative Whig party.

What the suits are made of is another political statement. This is because silk back then was the most wanted fabric. The English usually were in woolens and fine worsteds, silk represented luxury. Wearing imported fabric’s from overseas was such a big political statement that often men had their clothes stolen and burned.

Aside from clothing, men’s hair also has been a political statement. Powdered wigs were worn by men to show their social status, and to cover up the balding issue due to poor hair hygiene. In France, rebellious young men known as “Incroyable” would wear tight leather leggings, mohawks, boots or laced shoes. This was extremely different because men tended to wear buckled shoes. An unknown fact about Mohawks was that the style symbolized the support of the French during the revolutionary cause.

This hair style became popular again during the 1970s by British Punks as a way of rejecting perceived excesses of mainstream.

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Today men’s fashion is used to make political statements on and off the runway. This year during the New York Men’s Day event, models for Robert James’ show walked down the runway in shocking clothing. Some held signs reading “Bridges Not Walls.” Others with words like “terrorist” and “refugee” on their cheeks and foreheads.

At the end of the end, the German designer wore a sweater of his own with the word “Immigrant” on it.


Whether it was daring suits or rebellious hairstyles, fashion always has and always will be political statements for men.


The British Royal Family’s ‘Go-To’ Dress Code Rules.

By Te’a DiNapoli 

Everyone knows who the British royal family is. Whether you learned about them in school or watched one of their highly publicized extravagant weddings, you know at least one name attached to the family. Although their lifestyles are very glitz and glam, there are a lot of rules that also have to be followed. This includes the dress code.

One of the number one dress codes amongst the royal women is no colored nail polish. This might seem like a silly rule, but the British royal family prohibits garish colors worn on nails when out in public. Instead, they have to stay to nude shades or no polish at all. The Queen is known for wearing Essie’s nude nail polish in the color Ballet Slipper and the Duchess of Cambridge sports the color Allure.

The only time bright colors are allowed to be worn is when the royal are in large crowds. According to the English Manner Chief Executive Alexandra Messervy, they must wear “colors which are bright so that they can be easily picked out in a crowd.”

Hats are only a must when there is a formal event, such as royal weddings. The Queen is known for her iconic statement hats, but Messervy told BBC that it is not a required dress code anymore. “Up until the 1950s ladies were very seldom seen without a hat as it was not considered ‘the thing’ for ladies to show their hair in public.”

Bags and clutches are not only an essential accessories for the royal women but they also have secret uses. Princess Diana was hardly caught without a clutch in her hand, more specifically whenever she was getting out of a car. Diana’s handbag designer Anya Hindmarch famously called her clutches “cleavage bags.”

In an interview with the Telegraph, Hindmarsh laughed about the memories he shared with Diana when designing her bags.

“We used to laugh when we designed what she called her ‘cleavage bags,’ little satin clutches which she would cover her cleavage with when she stepped out of cars.” -Hindmarch

Bags are also used by the Queen as a signal to her aides. When a dinner date starts being a drag for the queen, she simply will set her handbag on the top of the table to let her aides know she wants to leave.

Also if you ever have the chance to have a chat with the queen and you notice she switches her bag to the other hand, she’s nicely telling you to end the conversation soon.

Royal historian Hugo Vickers told People  “It would be very worrying if you were talking to the Queen and saw the handbag move from one hand to the other.”

Even little Prince George has a dress code to follow. Whether it is the middle of winter or a hot summer day, Prince George wears shorts every season of the year. Willian Hanson, a British etiquette consultant, told the Sun that pants are considered too “suburban” for younger boys. It would only be proper for Prince George to wear shorts to show his higher class status.

Inside the strict and thought out dress codes of a politician.

By Te’a DiNapoli

One of the added stressor’s of working in an adult environment is what you should wear.  Many corporations do not give you a set list of things you should or shouldn’t wear, they expect you to know what is appropriate and what is not. For different careers comes a different set of guidelines on what you should and shouldn’t show up to work in. For those going into politics, finding something to wear sounds overwhelming.

In general, politicians will usually be seen in business casual or formal attire. It is more lenient on what men wear these days then it is for women. The president has it hard too. Remember when President Barak Obama was seen wearing a brown suit? The nation went crazy all over the color of a suit he was wearing. American’s also went crazy over the countless pant suits worn by Hillary Clinton since the 80s. But why are these things such a big deal? Are pant suits a must? The truth is, in the political field what you wear can help market yourself.

Politician’s want to be known as smart, trustworthy, and want to be taken seriously. Unfortunately that is hard to do when you are wearing short hemmed skirts, crazy colors, and unkept hair. This is something congressional campaigner Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson knew all too well.

“Honestly, the reason we keep it conservative is because we want people to focus on us and what we are saying, not what we are wearing,” she told Racked. “I definitely feel like it’s not fair at times.”

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It might also seem ‘crazy’ or ‘unfair’ that politicians are always wearing neural and muted colors, but political campaigner’s think about know that colors help them attract different voters. When trying to demonstrate different values, the color of the clothing is always thought out carefully.

“I’m constantly trying to signal to voters that I am a Republican, so I wear a lot of pinks and reds,” she says. “I used to have a ton of blue in my wardrobe, and when I was starting to run, I was like, damn, I look like a Democrat. Thankfully, red was really popular this winter, so I raided the sales rack at Banana Republic.”

When on the senate floor, you must abide by old rules set in place by the arcane institution. Men always have to be in suit and tie. If women decide to wear a dress, their shoulders must be covered. If you decide to go the pant suit route, you just have to make sure you wear a jacket with it. It is a lot harder for women to express themselves when it comes to clothing in this field, but they sure know how to do it well.

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Even though politicians outfits might look bland, doesn’t mean they do not follow fashion. You might catch wearing them wearing matching high-quality brands, patterns and materials. This in itself is showing how much they care about the clothes they are putting on and the image they are presenting to the public.

Although politicians might have a certain dress code in order to look composed and put together, they still do care about what they put on because they know it matters in toddies society. People care about what you are wearing, whether you are a high profile celebrity, a teacher, or a politician, your clothing influences people just as much as what you are telling them.

The Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show Continues To Face Backlash

By Te’a DiNapoli

The Victoria Secret Fashion show has been an press success since the first show in 1995. Since then, the event has caught the attention of men and women from across the globe. Groups of teens and young adults either tune in with their mom’s or groups of friends, watching in awe of the 5’8 slim-built models. It is almost as if someone was watching an hour long program of barbie dolls, dressed in luxurious lingerie year after year.

The show has always been a heavy topic of discussion. Is this show setting a good example for little girls? Most say no and in recent years a lot of people have voiced their opinion’s about it on social media platforms. Yes, the show has become a tad bit more inclusive since the the first show. But, it is still showing the youth that you need to be a certain type of unique or type of body build to be accepted.

The companies chief marketing officer Ed Razek sparked recent controversy over his comments about the annual catwalk. During an interview with Vogue in November Razek was asked about his thoughts on competitive companies including “trans women in their advertisements” and “women who are size 40.”

His response was “shouldn’t you have transsexuals in the show? No, I don’t think we should.. why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is.”

Celebrities have been using their large following platforms to paint a message to Victoria Secret’s, the lack of diversity in the shows is still seen and still an issue. Halsey, a performer who sang for the 2018 fashion show, had a lot to say about Razek’s comments that were made after her performance was filmed.

In a brief open letter posted on her Instagram Halsey wrote: “As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have no tolerance for a lack of inclusivity.”

The singer has been open about her sexuality since her start to fame 2016. Since the companies chief marketing officers comments become public, Rezek has apologized.

Bella Hadid, left, walks the runway as singer Halsey performs during the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in New York City. (Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Though there has been a lot of criticism on the comments made, not everyone agrees with the show becoming more diverse. Viewers and fans of the show who agreed with Rezek’s statement took to twitter to show their support.

It is understandable that not everyone can be included in everything. But, if Victoria Secret’s wants to show the public that they are open to diversity in the show then they need to not be exclusive with their choices. Many are now boycotting the show in hopes to show the company that they need to push inclusivity and diversity.

Other stars such as Winnie Harlow, who was a featured model at this years show, agrees that the company should make diversity the norm. The model infamously known for her skin condition vitiligo said “I hope that there’s many more in the future. We need to work toward diversity, not for the sake of it, but to make it the norm.”

Model Winnie Harlow walking as the first model with vitiligo in Victoria Secret’s fashion show 2018. [Via Google images]
Models spoke of Victoria’s Secret as a “sisterhood” and the “importance of helping each other out,” as well as being around “a group of girls that motivates and inspires you.” The whole point of the show is to show women empowerment. Though there have been changes seen over the years, it is clear Victoria’s Secret still has a lot of work to do before next years show.

Progression of Disney Movie Gender Roles

By Te’a DiNapoli

Whether it was a Princess movie or animated animal film, growing up you have most likely watched a Disney Movie. It might not be something people notice when they are children, but Women have always had a specific role in Disney movies: the caretaker, the damsel in distress, the jealous stepsister/queen. Sexism and gender stereotypes are continuously seen. Thankfully, there has been a progression in gender roles since the 1930s.

During the first disney movies, women were mostly pictured out to be the damsel in distress: Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. Disney represented girls as objects that needed saving from a man. Disney paints a picture to little girls that its not okay to be intellectual or like like to learn. An Example of this sexism is in the movie Beauty and the Beast, when Gaston speaks down on Belle. Another is seen in The Little Mermaid, where it is shown that you should change who you are in order for a boy to love you.

Though there was sexism shown in Beauty and the Beast, there was also progression in gender roles. This was also seen in Mulan and Pocahontas, where the main women in these movies show little girls how powerful a women can be on their own. As women gained more rights in the United States, the number of women heroes increased. Mulan, Pocahontas, Belle and Jasmine from Aladdin paved the future for women in Disney movies. 

As the years go on, Disney has continued it’s effort to show progression in Women characters. The first groundbreaking Disney movie since the 90s was Brave, which followed a skilled archer named Merida on her journey to make her own name. Then came Elsa in 2013 in the movie Frozen. With multiple female leads, and not letting love be the main goal, Frozen paves the ways for the countless movies to come made by disney that go beyond misogynistic fairy tales.

The newest Disney hit is Moana. A lot like Frozen and other past heroines, the movie Moana is all about finding yourself, not a love interest. What makes her so much more relatable and such a great role model for younger girls is she never accepts limits. Moana has been labeled “the most progressive film in the studio’s 93-year history” according to Jen Yamato, a writer for daily beast. Newer Disney movies today aren’t just about getting that “happy ending” from finding a prince.

There has not only been a shift in character with women but also with men in Disney films. Seen in the movie Aladdin, the prince showed men that lying was an okay way to attract a women. Men were also always portrayed stereotypically: strong, protectors, heroic, aggressive.

A movie that changed the gender roles for males was Tangled with the character Flynn Rider. Flynn showed boys that it is okay to be in touch with your emotions as he opened up to Rapunzel about his true identity.

The progression of gender roles in Disney movies is an accomplishment. With less stereotypes and more female leads, the future looks hopeful. With Disney breaking gender norms, more boys and girls have actual role models to look up to when watching a movie. This goes beyond the animated films that disney has produced.

This creates a more acceptant world for girls who like to be more “tom boy” or boys who aren’t as masculine as others. Disney is now showing boys and girls that it is okay to be different, strong, and independent in your own ways. I think we all cannot wait to see what else is in store with upcoming disney films.

Meet The First Muslim-American Women In U.S. Congress: What This Means For Hijabist’s In The Work field.

Cosmopolitan magazine has confirmed that Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar have officially won their midterm elections, making them the first Muslim-American women in congress! Tlaib won again her opponent in Michigan’s 13th congressional district at 9:20 P.M. last Tuesday, making her the first Muslim-American women ever in U.S. history to be elected into the House of Representatives.

Omar’s victory in in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district came in just 20 minutes after Tlaib’s. During an interview to ELLE Magazine, Tlaib talked about the pressure of winning during her campaign in order to prove that Muslim women belong.

“If you win, our children will know that being themselves, being who they are, that they can succeed. That whatever the President is saying, that whatever the people that support the President are saying, everything that’s happening against Muslims in our country, it is all not going to be this complete darkness. That there is light. And I think for me to win, the success of this campaign… it brought a light in a moment of darkness for many of us.”- Rashida Tlaib

Thanks to a new proposal from Democrats, Omar will possibly be the first person to be able to wear religious headwear, or any headwear at all, in the House of chamber of the Capitol. For two centuries before this, hats have been banned from being worn.

Ilhan Omar is like many Muslim or Muslim-American women who practice hijab based on religious beliefs. This win for her is a reflection to all women who practice hijab that no matter what your religion, you should not be discriminated against at work, or in general.

Though there is said to be high hopes for the new proposal, Muslim women in America still will face discrimination in the work force. Even with Amendments in the U.S. constitution. In fact, from a study held by Pew Research center, almost half of Muslims in America say they have experienced discrimination within the past year.

Having two muslim women in congress, one being a hijabist, is a huge step in creating inclusivity in U.S. Congress. But it doesn’t change the fact that discrimination against Muslim people in the work force is still visible. Many take to twitter to show their disappointment and sadness.

It is horrible to see such hate still going on and a lot of Muslim Women want to know why they are still such a big topic to discuss. They are not asking for anything but acceptance. 

According to a recent study  by Voter Study Group, Dalia Moghed reported that “there exists a belief that liberals and conservatives actually share. The survey shows that the most salient stereotype about Americans of Islamic faith, held by liberals and conservatives alike, is that Muslims “have outdated views of women.”

There is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to discrimination in the United States, but at least as a whole we can hold on to the hope to a more diverse future. This is thanks to the elected Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

This also a huge thank you to the American citizens, for voting and “believing in the possibility of this moment” says Tlaib. In the celebration of this victory, it is hoped that Hijabist will become more accepted in the work field.

Our First Podcast: What Happened to the Sodder Children?

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If you enjoyed our post about the mysterious disappearance of the Sodder children, check out our first official podcast! We had our own discussion about the case and our opinions on what happened.

Let us know your thoughts below. What do you think happened to the Sodder children?

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